Typeform Vs Unbounce – What Converts Better?

Typeform Vs Unbounce – What Converts Better?

Typeform has a great interactive design, but does that mean it converts better?


I have been mostly using Unbounce for building nice and quick landing pages for lead capturing. I used Typeform a several times before and found it really intriguing because of its interactive designs. However, I wanted to test if Typeform landing page converts better than Unbounce landing page for lead capturing. Therefore, I decided to conduct this experiment.

Target Audience:

I work in healthcare industry and we provide our software (B2B SAAS) to healthcare teams to communicate with patients and with each other including pharmacies, labs, billers etc., all in one place. The target audience is: healthcare providers who work at medical practices (solo to group practices).

The Experiments:

I directed traffic from a Facebook Ads campaign and split it between an Unbounce landing page and a Typeform landing page. On both the pages, the copy was exactly identical and the fields for lead capturing forms were kept exactly the same.

Landing Page Conversion Typeform

Landing page conversion unbounce


Campaign 1 Results:

Unbounce Conversion= 2.23%

Typeform Conversion= 1.25%

Winner Unbounce

Campaign 2 Results:

Unbounce Conversion= 0.97%

Typeform Conversion= 0.31%

Winner Unbounce

I am going to do more tests and see what performs better, however, I am surprised that for my target audience Unbounce outperformed Typeform.

Please do share your results and let me know how it has worked for you :)

Thank you!

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