SoundCloud Has a Big Opportunity For Monetization

SoundCloud Has a Big Opportunity For Monetization

The inspiration of this post comes from an amazing concept that I saw few days back on Badgefunnel. Not many have heard about Badgefunnel because the company is still starting-up and looking for funding and partners, but I must admit that it seems a fantastic concept. In a very short sentence- Badgefunnel is trying to disrupt the gaming industry by introducing a unique way of advertisements within the games. In its own words-

Badgefunnel encourages great gaming experience while offering advertising space to companies interested in reaching gamers and promote their brands and products.

Badgefunnel – Disrupting The Branding Industry

I am really impressed with the idea that Badgefunnel is building. The idea had so much impact on me that I thought what other areas or products we can apply the same. Not surprisingly being a heavy user of Sound Cloud it clicked to me that Sound Cloud is one product where the Badgefunnel’s concept can be intermingled successfully. Therefore, I came up with these 5 simple slides to showcase how Sound Cloud could leverage this very big opportunity for monetization by adopting the Badgefunnel ads model.

SoundCloud’s Monetization Possibilities

Please have a look below-

So, what do you think? Should Soundcloud build this?

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