How to connect inbound leads to your Pipedrive sales funnel

How to connect inbound leads to your Pipedrive sales funnel

Leads are the first step to customer acquisition. It might be hard to collect them. Once you have them though, it might be as challenging to get something out of them.

Collecting leads is usually done using landing pages or sign up forms. If you manage to convince the user to type in his data, you will get one precious piece of information.

The next step is to find a way to collect it, and channel it into your sales funnel. Your ultimate goal is to convert a potential customer into a revenue stream.

You need to pass the information gathered through the sign up page to your sales team. Then, they will follow up and convert the lead to a customer.

In this article, I show you how to connect a sign up page to Pipedrive – a sales CRM software.

The code presented in this article relies on the Pipedrive APIs ( To use such them, you need to create an account and generate an API token, as shown below.

Pipedrive api token

Once you have it, you should create an empty stage to receive unqualified leads from the sign up page.

To read more about pipelines and stages, click here.

Let’s say that you want to collect a lead containing the following data:

  • company name
  • company address
  • customer name
  • customer email
  • customer phone

After creating the sign up page, you would have to follow the steps below to prepare your sales funnel:

  1. create a pipeline, and
  2. create an empty stage (e.g. unqualified leads)

Last, you would have to code functions to perform the following actions:

  • add a company,
  • add a person and
  • add a deal (the actual lead)
Last step is to concatenate all the requests and chain them in a single routine.
Et voilà. Your leads will pop up inside your sales funnel, ready to convert to paying customers.

In the next article, I will explain you how to track leads together with their source (e.g. SEM, SEO, direct) so you can determine which is your most effective marketing channel.

Stay tuned!

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